Ventilated façade

IPEX is your partner in custom-made roof and facade fixings for ventilated facades. We understand better than anyone that, as a construction company, you want to ensure the highest quality and durability. That is why we offer custom-made fastening solutions, such as fixings for facade panels, aluminium profiles, EPDM tape and glues for facade panels that fit seamlessly with your specific construction projects.

Rear stuctures
Custom rear structures for ventilated facades.
Façade fixing
Proper fastening of ventilated facades is essential.
Thermal facade
Proper façade fixing is essential for proper thermal values.

Every building is different

Every building is different. That is a challenge for you as a supplier of facade claddings.

Whether your project is a high-rise building, an office, a residential building or a hospital, the specifications of the fixing systems are never the same. So it is quite a challenge for you to get the fixing systems in the right size and colour to the construction site in time.

This may sound familiar:

  • Your regular supplier only provides standard colours

  • Customisation is always a hassle

  • You source your fixing systems from different suppliers

  • Each project you have to figure everything out yourself

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1 point of contact for installing a ventilated façade

With our 25 years' experience in custom roof and facade fixings. IPEX is your partner for profiles, fasteners and seals for roof and facade construction. We deliver standard solutions and develop customized constructions for every ventilated facade.

We can deliver quickly in all kinds of combinations or in thousands of colours, thanks to our own factory. Our sales team is happy to help you order the right products. We make sure that you can focus on building.

How do we help you with a custom ventilated facade?

Step 1 Fill in the contact form

Explain the situation, tell us how quickly you want the delivery and give us the specifications of the open facade.


Step 2 Give us a short time to calculate

Our experts get to work on your requirements and will send you the delivery time and prices by e-mail within a few hours.


Step 3 Receive your customized roof and façade fixings

After your confirmation, we get to work in our own factory to produce the products according to your specifications .You will receive your delivery in the desired colour, punching, quantity, packaging and composition.

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Your customized fixing solution within 3 minutes

Together with one of our experts, discover the fastening solution that fits your needs within three minutes.