Expert in fastening systems and accessories for roofing and façade

Industrial buildings

Custom roof and wall mounts especially for industrial buildings.

Gekleurde popnagels en schroeven voor bedrijfspand CNSTRCT
Ventilated façade

High quality ventilated facade thanks to customization of the rear structure.


I-Facade® are our proprietary solutions for rear constructions.


I-Form® is the alternative to traditional building lead.

IPEX helps you deliver a great building.

IPEX Group:

  • Fast and complete deliveries of customized roof and façade fixings.

  • Standard solutions for fixing façade panels.

  • Production of i-Form lead replacement.

  • Custom colouring of profiles and fasteners.

IPEX Group delivers fast customized roof and façade fixings and helps you build a beautiful building.

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Façade construction, Osnabrück
Gardheimar, Iceland
Powder coated siding, Zaanstad

One point of contact for all roof, wall and façade fixing.

Thousands of colors, custom die-cutting, free composition of screws and washers, high quality EPDM, custom facade fastening and the fastest delivery times in customization.