About IPEX Group


IPEX Group has over 25 years of experience in the development, manufacturing and distribution of custom-made fixing systems for roofs, walls and claddings. Together with our customers we are committed to deliver beautiful buildings with a perfect finish. A building that the end user is proud of, be it a resident, a community member or the owner, and that they are happy to show to their customers, business partners and family.

We understand that screws, sub-frame systems and sealing materials such as EPDM are not the most thrilling parts of a building. But they are essential for the structure, and their shape and colour can make or break the look of the building.

Do you have special wishes? Our advisers will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you. We can deliver quickly in all kinds of combinations and in thousands of colours, from our own factory. We see to it that you can focus on your construction work.

We are not only experts in tailor-made solutions, we are also your best partner for standard products. You save time, hassle and headache with our one-stop service. You can order all your products in one go. One point of contact. One supplier. Our advisors are committed to find the perfect solution together with you.

IPEX is located in Enter, the Netherlands, at Vonderweg 14. Founded in 1998, IPEX has an large customer base that keeps growing Our customers benefit from our knowledge, experience, quality and fast service, both nationally and internationally.