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The aluminum profile, equipped with an I-Form® or EPDM strip, provides a high-quality, waterproof cavity sealing. With the option for powder coating in any color, it combines durability with aesthetics for versatile applications in various construction projects.

Product Information

The Aluminum profile with I-Form® or EPDM strip provides an advanced solution for watertight cavity sealing in the construction sector. Crafted from high-quality aluminum, the profile combines durability with versatility. The integration of an I-Form® or EPDM strip ensures a reliable watertight seal, making the profile suitable for various applications such as facade cladding and window frames.

Our powder coating facility allows customization of the profile in any desired color. This not only meets aesthetic needs but also enhances the corrosion resistance of the aluminum, extending the profile's lifespan.

Thanks to standardized dimensions and a modular design, installation is efficient and cost-effective. The profile with watertight sealing complies with the highest standards for construction integrity and contributes to energy efficiency by preventing unwanted heat and cold transfer. In summary, the Aluminum profile with I-Form® or EPDM strip offers an innovative and practical solution for watertight cavity sealing in contemporary construction projects.

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