0112 Rivets - Peel

Expanding blind rivets are indispensable in industrial façade construction. With their effective fastening strength and easy installation, they provide a reliable solution for connecting façade elements. The rivets ensure a durable construction and simplify the assembly process, ensuring efficiency and stability.

Diameter (mm)
Length (mm)
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Expanding blind rivets are indispensable fastening elements in industrial facade construction. These innovative rivets play a crucial role in connecting various materials such as aluminum and steel, contributing to the structural integrity of facade constructions. The unique spreading feature makes them particularly suitable for anchoring components where traditional fasteners fall short.

The controlled expansion of the expanding blind rivet creates a sturdy connection, even in situations with variable material thicknesses. This makes them versatile and suitable for various applications in facade construction, such as attaching facade panels, frames, and other structural elements.

Due to their efficiency and reliability, expanding blind rivets contribute to an accelerated construction time and reduce the need for extensive adjustments during assembly. Industrial facade construction thus benefits from a robust and sustainable fastening solution that meets the high standards of modern construction projects.

Available Variants (13)
Diameter (mm)Length (mm)Clamp Thickness
3.0101.0 - 3.0
3.280.5 - 1.0
4.0101.5 - 5.0
4.0124.0 - 6.5
4.0168.0 - 11.0
4.01810.0 - 13.0
4.8100.5 - 4.0
4.8122.0 - 6.0
4.8166.0 - 10.0
4.8188.0 - 12.0
4.82010.0 - 14.0
4.82415.0 - 18.0
4.83019.0 - 24.0

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