0681 Piercing schrew

This self-piercing hexagon head screw is designed for efficient mounting on thin profiles. The screw offers the option to add a sealing ring, increasing versatility. With an ETA approval, this screw is the ultimate fastener for your project.

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Product Information

The hexagon head screw, a commonly used variant for fastening on thin profiles, provides excellent grip and torsional resistance. This self-piercing screw is designed with an extremely sharp point, allowing it to effortlessly penetrate thin profiles without the need for pre-drilling. The screw head has a hexagonal shape, ensuring optimal grip during installation.

The sharp point of the screw minimizes the risk of material splitting and enables smooth penetration through thin profiles, such as metal sheets or plastic surfaces. The self-piercing property eliminates the need for pre-drilling, significantly reducing assembly time and increasing ease of installation.

An additional advantage is the adaptability of the screw, thanks to the optional sealing ring. This ring, which can be placed on the thread of the screw, provides additional sealing properties, making the screw suitable for various applications, including waterproof fastenings. In summary, the hexagonal head with self-piercing properties and the option for sealing rings combines efficiency, precision, and versatility into a single fastening solution.

Equipped with ETA approval - 10/0020.

Available Variants (7)
Diameter (mm)Length (mm)Clamp ThicknessDrilling capacityDrill point
4.82562 x 0.881
5.52572 x 1.01
6.02572 x 1.01
6.035172 x 1.01
4.82562 x 0.881
5.52572 x 1.01
6.02572 x 1.01

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