0136 Nosepiece

The nose piece is designed for the stress-free installation of blind rivets, preventing deformation of the facade panel. This fastening option also allows for thermal movement and is suitable for rivets with a head size of up to 16 mm, ensuring an optimal and durable facade construction.

Product Information

An innovative nose piece, designed for the stress-free assembly of blind rivets, plays a crucial role in preventing denting in facade panels. With a thoughtful design, this nose piece ensures that blind rivets are mounted effortlessly and without unwanted tension, preserving the integrity of the facade panel.

What sets this nose piece apart is its ability to enable thermal movement. This aspect is particularly important, especially in facade constructions where temperature differences play a role. The nose piece provides a reliable fastening method that not only preserves the aesthetics of the facade panel but also takes into account dynamic thermal conditions.

With an impressive capacity to accommodate rivets up to a head size of 16 mm, this nose piece meets the requirements of various applications. It is a reliable and versatile solution that enhances the durability and aesthetics of facade constructions while minimizing the impact of thermal loads.

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