0413 MKT V-P

The chemical capsule V-P is perfect for uncracked concrete. Provides fast, reliable fastening. Easy to use, ideal for various construction applications.

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The chemical capsule V-P is an advanced solution for fastening in uncracked concrete. This capsule provides powerful adhesion and rapid curing, making it ideal for various construction applications where sustainable and reliable anchorings are crucial. The simple and efficient application makes it user-friendly for construction professionals.

With its specific formula and controlled curing time, the chemical capsule V-P is designed to deliver optimal performance. Whether it's securing threaded rods, anchor bolts, or other fastening elements, this capsule offers a versatile and durable solution.

The chemical capsule V-P is a reliable choice for builders and contractors aiming for high-quality constructions. It not only delivers fast and strong fastenings but also ensures long-term stability, even in demanding conditions.

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