0133 Melt anchor

Melting anchor (PA) is an essential component for fire walls. These fusible anchors, made of heat-resistant material, play a crucial role: in case of fire, they melt, effectively supporting fire walls and limiting the spread of fire. A reliable choice for fire safety.

Product Information

Melting Anchor (PA) is an innovative solution specifically designed for firewalls, aiming to significantly enhance fire safety. This advanced anchor system utilizes high-quality materials, including polyamide (PA), which not only retains its structural integrity at high temperatures but is also specifically designed to melt.

In the event of a fire in a building, the Melting Anchor (PA) induces a controlled melting reaction, reducing the load on the firewall and limiting the spread of fire. By virtue of this property, the anchor system provides effective protection for firewalls, preserving the integrity of the structure.

This groundbreaking concept addresses a critical need for passive fire protection, especially in buildings subject to stringent fire safety standards. Melting Anchor (PA) is an advanced solution that not only enhances building safety but also contributes to a proactive approach to fire prevention in various structures.

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