0234 Isolator

The isolator for fix brackets with a thermal value of 0.087 W/mK provides effective thermal insulation, minimizing energy loss, and ensuring optimal performance of fixing systems.

Product Information

The isolator, designed for use in fixing brackets, represents a crucial element in construction with an impressive thermal value of 0.087 W/mK. This isolator acts as a thermal barrier, minimizing heat conduction, reducing energy loss, and enhancing the overall energy efficiency of the construction project.

With a thermal value of 0.087 W/mK, this isolator provides optimal insulating properties, making it an ideal choice for applications where thermal efficiency is paramount. Whether for residential, commercial, or industrial constructions, the isolator in the fixing brackets contributes to a comfortable and sustainable building environment.

The isolator is designed with versatility and efficiency in mind, meeting high standards for insulation performance. By integrating this isolator into fixing brackets, not only does it enhance structural stability, but it also creates a barrier against unwanted heat transfer, resulting in a building that is both comfortable and energy-efficient.

Available Variants (4)
A (mm)B (mm)C (mm)D (mm)

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