0232 External Cornerprofile

The Aluminum External Corner Profile provides durable corner protection in facade construction. Custom cut and colored by us as needed, it ensures a precise and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Product Information

The Aluminium External Corner Profile in facade construction represents an essential element for sustainable and aesthetically pleasing facade constructions. Manufactured from high-quality aluminium, this profile not only provides structural stability but also effective corner protection, preserving the integrity of the building.

What makes this External Corner Profile particularly versatile is the ability to have it custom-cut and coloured as needed, tailored to specific project requirements. Custom-cutting ensures precise fits, while the colouring process offers numerous design options. Whether it's about subtly harmonizing with existing structures or creating striking contrasts, the Aluminium External Corner Profile can be adapted to meet various aesthetic requirements.

Additionally, the option for colouring not only emphasizes visual appeal but also provides additional protection against corrosion and weathering. Through the combination of adaptability and durability, the Aluminium External Corner Profile is an ideal choice for facade construction projects, where it fulfils both functional and aesthetic requirements, offering flexibility for various design applications.

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