0217 EPDM joint profile

The EPDM joint profile, suitable for Rockpanel facade cladding, provides optimal sealing and flexibility. Available by order only, including FSA (fully self-adhesive). Essential for durable and waterproof facade constructions.

Product Information

EPDM joint profiles are a crucial addition to facade cladding, especially with materials like Rockpanel. These profiles provide excellent sealing and flexibility, making them perfect for ensuring sustainable and water-resistant facade constructions.

Specifically designed to meet the requirements of Rockpanel facade cladding, EPDM joint profiles offer excellent resistance to weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. The flexibility of EPDM ensures a tight seal along the seams and connections, preventing the infiltration of water, air, and dust.

The fact that these joint profiles are also available in FSA (fully self-adhesive) variants adds extra convenience during installation. This means they can be applied without additional fastening materials, reducing installation time and increasing efficiency.

In summary, the EPDM joint profile is not just a complement to Rockpanel facade cladding but a critical component for ensuring sustainable, waterproof, and high-quality facade constructions.

Available Variants (4)
B (mm)A (mm)FSALength (mtr)Length FSA (mtr)

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