0216 EPDM joint profile

Das EPDM-Fugenprofil, geeignet für die Rockpanel-Fassadenverkleidung, bietet optimale Abdichtung und Flexibilität. Wesentlich für nachhaltige und wasserdichte Fassadenkonstruktionen. Erhältlich in FSA (vollständig selbstklebend), auf Anfrage.

Product Information

EPDM joint profiles are crucial for durable facade claddings like Rockpanel in construction. Specifically designed for sealing and protection, these profiles offer a weather-resistant solution. Thanks to their flexibility and UV resistance, they are ideal for various climates and environments.

The EPDM joint profile, available in FSA (Fully Self-Adhesive) variants, significantly simplifies installation with its self-adhesive design. This makes it suitable for efficient custom applications, but it is also only produced on order to meet specific project requirements.

These profiles act as a protective barrier against moisture, temperature variations, and other external influences, thereby extending the lifespan of the facade cladding. Furthermore, they provide a seamless finish that contributes to the aesthetics and preservation of the building.

The EPDM joint profile for Rockpanel and similar claddings combines functionality with adaptability, making it an indispensable addition to high-quality facade constructions requiring long-term protection.

Available Variants (3)
A (mm)B (mm)Length (mtr)Length FSA (mtr)

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