0224 EPDM joint foam tape

Self-adhesive EPDM foam tape provides an effective sealing solution in facade construction. It adheres easily, fills gaps, and ensures durable protection against weather conditions.

Product Information

Self-adhesive EPDM foam tape for facade construction is an innovative solution that ensures effective sealing and insulation in construction applications. This high-quality foam tape, equipped with a self-adhesive layer, allows for easy and quick installation, resulting in time and cost efficiency in facade projects.

The self-adhesive property of the EPDM foam tape provides a strong adhesion to various surfaces, making it a versatile choice for facade construction projects. The material offers excellent thermal insulation, soundproofing, and resistance to weather conditions, promoting the durability and energy efficiency of buildings.

Designed to effectively seal gaps and joints, this EPDM foam tape minimizes thermal leaks, enhancing the overall energy performance of the facade. Thanks to its self-adhesive properties, it is easy to install without the need for additional fastening materials.

In the world of facade construction, self-adhesive EPDM foam tape offers a modern and reliable solution for sealing and insulation, simultaneously meeting high performance and durability standards. Choose this self-adhesive EPDM foam tape to optimize the efficiency and performance of your facade construction.

Available Variants (3)
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