0835 Drillmate

A self-tapping, stainless steel mounting screw specially designed for securing profiles to HSB walls and SIPs panels is crucial in creating durable and stable structures. Upon request, we can provide these with a choice of sealing ring and/or a colour coating.

Product Information

A stainless steel mounting screw for attaching profiles to HSB (Wood Skeleton Construction) walls or SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) panels is invaluable in creating durable and stable structures. 

HSB walls and SIPs panels are popular in modern construction due to their efficiency and insulating properties. These systems consist of a combination of wooden beams, insulation material, and are often clad with plasterboard or other finishing materials. To securely fasten these components together, mounting screws have been designed with specific features that set them apart from ordinary screws, making the installation process easier. 

First and foremost, mounting screws for HSB walls or SIPs panels typically have a sharp point and fine thread. This design makes it easy to penetrate the material and provides a strong grip, reducing the risk of splitting or damaging the wooden beams or panels.

This screw is specially made from stainless steel, since HSB walls and SIP's panels are often used in constructions exposed to weather conditions. Another advantage of these mounting screws for HSB walls and SIP's panels is that they are often self-tapping, meaning they create their own thread while being screwed in. This makes the fastening process more efficient and requires less pre-drilling.

Available Variants (4)
Length (mm)Drilling capacityDrill point
320.40 - 0.81
380.40 - 0.81
500.40 - 0.81
650.40 - 0.81

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