0187 Connector profile

The Aluminum Connection Profile, suitable for items such as 0696 or 0223, provides durable connections and optimal stability in various constructions.

Product Information

The Aluminum Connection Profile, suitable for applications such as 0696 and 0223, is an essential element in various constructions. Manufactured from high-quality aluminum, this profile offers excellent durability and corrosion resistance. With a standardized design, it ensures seamless integration into various systems.

Thanks to the light and strong properties of aluminum, the Connection Profile is ideal for use in diverse environments. The profile meets the required standards for reliable performance, and its versatility makes it suitable for various projects. 

The precise manufacturing of the Aluminum Connection Profile ensures easy installation and a seamless connection between components. It not only minimizes the risk of leaks but also enhances structural integrity. In summary, the use of the Aluminum Connection Profile increases efficiency and reliability in various technical applications.

Available Variants (1)
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