0270 Carrier profile

This profile, custom-cut and equipped with fastening holes or clamp 0276, offers easy installation and customization with optional hole patterns if desired.

Product Information

Aluminium Horizontal Support Profile: Customization with Easy Installation

The aluminum horizontal support profile is an essential component of modern constructions where customization and easy installation go hand in hand. This profile, custom-cut to specific requirements, offers flexibility and adaptability for various applications in construction.

Installation is further simplified by the presence of fastening holes or the option for clamp 0276. This allows builders and installers to easily apply the profile, saving valuable time and effort. The profile can also be custom-cut, ensuring a perfect fit to the unique dimensions of the construction project.

For projects with specific requirements, the aluminum support profile provides the option to integrate custom hole patterns. This adaptability increases the versatility of the profile, making it suitable for a wide range of applications, from wall constructions to ceiling systems.

In summary, the aluminum horizontal support profile is not just a sturdy supporting structure but also a versatile and customizable solution for modern construction needs. The combination of customization, easy installation, and adaptability makes this profile a valuable addition to the toolkit of construction professionals.

Available Variants (2)
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