0150 Butyl U-shape

The Butyl U-shape is made of Butyl rubber (PIB) and provides a durable solution for sealing applications. Thanks to Butyl's self-adhesive properties, combined with air and water tightness, permanent elasticity, and the fact that it does not cure, this product is ideal for sealing metal roofs, wall panels, and joints. Supplied on a roll with protective foil on one side, it serves as an effective barrier against moisture, water, and dust.

Product Information

Butyl U-shape, made from butyl rubber (PIB), is an innovative solution distinguished by its unique properties. Butyl rubber is known for its self-adhesive, air- and watertight features, with the material remaining non-hardening and permanently elastic. These qualities make Butyl U-shape particularly effective in various sealing applications.

This product is delivered on a roll, equipped with a protective film on one side, enhancing ease of use. The self-adhesive nature of butyl allows for easy application, seamlessly conforming to different surfaces. This property makes Butyl U-shape ideal for sealing metal roofs, wall panels, and joints.

The lasting elasticity of butyl rubber ensures a durable seal resistant to the effects of weather conditions and temperature fluctuations. This makes the product highly reliable even under demanding circumstances.

One of the primary applications of Butyl U-shape is effectively preventing moisture, water, and dust ingress. Due to its watertight properties, it is an excellent choice for protecting structures from the adverse effects of infiltration. Whether in industrial settings, residential buildings, or other applications, Butyl U-shape provides a dependable solution for sealing and safeguarding various surfaces.

In summary, the combination of self-adhesive capability, watertightness, and lasting elasticity makes Butyl U-shape a versatile and effective choice for sealing various constructions, forming a reliable barrier against moisture, water, and dust.

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