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Butyl is made from butyl rubber (PIB) and is a versatile sealing material supplied on a roll with protective film on one side. Its adhesive properties, airtightness, water resistance, and permanent elasticity make it ideal for sealing metal roofs, wall panels, and joints. Butyl provides effective protection against moisture, water, and dust, making it an essential element for various applications.

Product Information

Butyl rubber, derived from the polymer isobutylene, is renowned for its unique properties that make it a versatile material in various applications. Butyl, produced in the form of Butyl tape, is a self-adhesive material supplied on a roll, with a protective film on one side. This feature makes it particularly convenient for various sealing purposes.

What sets Butyl apart is its ability to be both air and water-tight without hardening. The elasticity of Butyl remains permanently, making the material flexible and durable. These characteristics make it ideal for sealing various surfaces, including metal roofs, wall panels, and joints.

Whether it's about protecting a building from the elements or preventing the ingress of moisture, water, and dust, Butyl delivers reliable performance. The roll form and self-adhesive properties make application simple and efficient. In summary, Butyl, derived from Butyl rubber, provides an effective solution for sealing challenges and contributes to the durability of various structures.

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