0148 Butyl O-shape

The Butyl O-shape is made of butyl rubber (PIB), known for its self-adhesive, airtight, and waterproof properties. This permanently elastic material is supplied on a roll with protective film and is ideal for sealing metal roofs, wall panels, and joints. Effective against moisture, water, and dust.

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The Butyl O-shaped profile is made of butyl rubber (PIB), a versatile material with remarkable properties. Butyl is known for its unique combination of self-adhesive ability, air and water resistance, non-curing character, and permanent elasticity. These properties make the Butyl O-shaped profile particularly suitable for various sealing purposes.

Thanks to its self-adhesive properties, applying the Butyl O-shaped profile is a straightforward task. The roll, equipped with a protective film on one side, facilitates installation and ensures a durable seal. The use of the Butyl O-shaped profile is especially effective in sealing metal roofs, wall panels, and joints.

Whether for industrial applications or household projects, the Butyl O-shaped profile provides effective protection against the ingress of moisture, water, and dust. Its waterproof and airtight properties make it a reliable choice for environments where long-lasting sealing is crucial.

The fact that Butyl does not cure and remains permanently elastic guarantees enduring flexibility, even in temperature fluctuations. In summary, the Butyl O-shaped profile is a versatile and reliable solution for sealing projects, where the comfort and durability of the construction are paramount.

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