0160 Butyl I-shape

Butyl I-shape, made from butyl rubber (PIB), is a self-adhesive, air- and watertight material that does not cure and remains permanently elastic. Delivered on a roll with protective film, it is ideal for sealing metal roofs, wall panels, and joints. It is particularly effective in preventing the ingress of moisture, water, and dust.

Product Information

Butyl I-Shape, made from Butyl rubber (PIB), is an innovative product distinguished by its versatile properties. Butyl rubber is known for its self-adhesive nature, air and water tightness, non-curing characteristics, and enduring elasticity. These attributes make the material particularly suitable for sealing applications.

Butyl I-Shape is delivered on a roll, equipped with a protective film on one side. This facilitates installation and efficiency, while the protective layer ensures the integrity of the material during transport and storage.

This article is exceptionally well-suited for sealing various structures, including metal roofs, wall panels, and joints. It forms an effective barrier against the ingress of moisture, water, and dust. With protection for up to 200 words, Butyl I-Shape provides sustainable solutions for maintaining the quality and lifespan of structures in diverse environments. Its versatility and reliability make it an indispensable tool for ensuring watertight and airtight seals, making it the first choice for professionals striving for high-quality construction results.

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