0290 Bracket fix

The centric anchoring by Brackets Fix ensures technical precision. Combined with an 0286 extension plate to increase the A-dimension, it guarantees flexibility and stability in construction projects.

Product Information

The centric anchoring provided by Brackets Fix represents an advanced technical solution for precise and reliable fastening. These brackets not only offer stability but also versatility in construction applications. The ability to combine them with an 0286 extension plate adds an extra dimension of flexibility to the design.

Brackets Fix with centric anchoring are designed with an emphasis on technical precision, making them ideal for construction projects where accuracy is paramount. The centric anchoring ensures a balanced and stable fastening, crucial for the structural integrity of the project.

With compatibility with the 0286 extension plate, the A-dimension is increased, which can be essential in adapting the fastening to specific project requirements. This not only enhances flexibility in design but also provides the opportunity to meet various dimensional needs.

This advanced technological solution combines functionality with adaptability, allowing construction professionals the freedom to realize innovative and customized constructions. In summary, Brackets Fix with centric anchoring and the option to combine with the 0286 extension plate offer a comprehensive and reliable solution for diverse construction needs.

Available Variants (12)
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