Thermal facade fixings

Thermal facades are an important factor in the energy performance of a building. That is why they must be fixed correctly. IPEX offers various fixing methods for thermal facades. Fixing a thermal facade Self-driling screws are commonly used to fix thermal facades. In this method, the facade panels are attached to the underlying frame construction using self-drilling screws. Blind rivets and truss head screws are also suitable for fixing thermal facades and are mainly used in situations where it is difficult to use screws. Aluminium profiles are also a popular fixing method for thermal facades. These profiles can be made to measure and ensure a firm attachment of the facade panels. EPDM tapes can be used to fix the facade panels and provide a watertight seal between the panel and the underlying structure. It is also possible to use glue to attach the cladding to the sub-frame construction.

Advice on fixing methods for thermal facades

To be able to advise on the fixing method to use, it is important to know the specific properties of the facade panels and the underlying construction, such as the material properties and the load on the facade.

IPEX has extensive experience in advising fixing methods for thermal facades and offers a wide range of fixing solutions. The right fixing method highly contributes to the sustainability and energy efficiency of the facade.

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