Fixing a wooden sub-frame

Facades of natural wood are not only beautiful, they also are a sustainable solution for buildings. It is important to fix the cladding to a solid sub-frame system and to maintain the ventilated space between the cladding and the wall. In this article we discuss different fixing methods and sub-frames for fixing wooden ventilated facades.

Sub-frame for a wooden ventilated facade

A wooden ventilated facade consists of three layers: the cladding, the sub-frame construction and the wall. The sub-frame construction is the most important part of the ventilated facade. It maintains the correct distance between the cladding and the wall, allowing free circulation of air. This prevents moisture problems and extends the life of the cladding.

The sub-frame construction can be built in several ways. A commonly used method is a system of aluminium profiles attached to the wall and on which the cladding is mounted. Another method is to fix the cladding to wooden slats attached to the wall. With both methods it is important to keep a distance of at least 2 centimetres between the wall and the cladding.

Fixing methods for a wooden ventilated facade

Wooden ventilated facades can be fixed in various ways. A commonly used method is the use of self-drilling screws, which are drilled through the cladding into the sub-frame construction. This will ensure a secure fit. It is important to make large enough drill holes, to give the wood wiggle room so that it won't crack.

Another method is the use of blind rivets and truss head screws. The rivets are shot through the cladding into the sub-frame construction. This creates a strong and invisible fixing. It is also possible to use glue to attach the cladding to the sub-frame construction. EPDM tapes can be used as a seal between the sub-frame construction and the wall to prevent moisture problems.

Wooden ventilated facades require a sturdy sub-frame construction and adequate fixing methods, so that the cladding is firmly attached and the air can circulate freely. It is important to choose the right fixing methods and sub-frame constructions, to ensure that the facade not only looks good, but has also a long life.

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