IPEX is your partner for standard and custom-made sub-frame constructions for ventilated facades. We understand better than anyone that a good sub-frame construction is essential for the quality and durability of your open facade. We offer solutions that perfectly suit your unique construction project, such as fixings for cladding, aluminium profiles, EPDM tapes and glue.

Rear construction wooden facade
Een goede achterconstructie is juist bij de bevestiging van houten gevel panelen belangrijk.

Custom-made sub-frames for ventilated facades

Our sub-frames are specially designed to meet the requirements that apply to open facades and are suitable for all types of facade cladding. Whether you are working in large or small projects, we offer the right fixtures and fittings for your ventilated facade. Our sub-frames are designed to match exactly with the facade panels, which results in a beautiful finishing that will certainly please your client.

While other suppliers only offer standard colours and don't customise, we specialise in custom-made solutions. For example, we are happy to think with you about the best way to deliver a product that allows you to achieve the most beautiful end result and that will allow you to work as fast as possible on the construction site. We have a large stock and we will quickly find the right solution if more products are needed.

Gevel bevestiging

Your customized fixing solution within 3 minutes

Together with one of our experts, discover the fastening solution that fits your needs within three minutes.