Mechanical Anchoring

Mechanical Anchoring Mechanical anchoring, also known as blind or invisible fastening, is an effective method for attaching a ventilated facade. Special materials are used in this process to securely and discreetly hold the facade materials. This technique results in a clean and modern appearance, with the fastenings being invisible.

Advantages of Mechanical Anchoring

Mechanical anchoring of the facade presents significant benefits. This method, also known as blind or invisible fastening, ensures a strong and durable connection between facade materials. The inconspicuous fastenings result in a clean, modern appearance without visible elements, enhancing the building's aesthetic value. Additionally, mechanical anchoring promotes efficient thermal insulation by preventing cold bridges. It minimizes maintenance needs and provides a reliable solution for sustainable, visually appealing facade constructions.

Geventileerde gevel


Mechanical fastening of a facade, while effective, comes with some disadvantages. The use of visible fasteners, such as screws or clips, can impact the aesthetic aspect of the design. Moreover, perforations in the facade insulation may lead to cold bridges, adversely affecting the thermal performance of the building. Additionally, this method requires precise positioning and installation, increasing complexity and labor intensity. Specialists are needed to ensure that mechanical fastening is optimally applied, considering both functionality and aesthetics.

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