Mechanical Invisible Fastening

Mechanical fastening, also known as blind or invisible fastening, is an effective method for attaching facade cladding. Special anchorages or methods are used in this process. This technique results in a sleek and modern appearance, with the fastening of the facade cladding being invisible.

Advantages of Mechanical Fastenng

Mechanical anchoring of the facade offers significant advantages. This method, also known as blind or invisible fastening, ensures quick and reliable attachment of the facade cladding. The inconspicuous fastenings lead to a tight, modern appearance without visible elements. This increases the aesthetic value of the building. It also minimizes maintenance needs and provides a reliable solution for sustainable, visually appealing facade constructions.

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Mechanical invisible fastening of a facade, although effective, has some disadvantages. Depending on the facade material or the shape of the cladding, this method requires precise positioning and installation, increasing complexity and labor intensity. Preparation is required to ensure that mechanical invisible fastening is optimally applied with consideration for both functionality and aesthetics.

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Mechanical anchoring is one of the three fastening methods for ventilated facades. The other two, chemical anchoring and screws, have different properties with specific advantages and disadvantages. Curious which fastening is most suitable for your project? Feel free to contact us; we are happy to provide advice.