Mechanical Visible Fastening

There are several options for visibly securing a ventilated facade cladding, such as screws, blind rivets, or clamps. Screws are a reliable and fast method that ensures stability and durability. They are directly screwed into the facade materials, providing a strong connection. This method allows for easy installation and facilitates any future adjustments. The use of screws is suitable for various facade designs and contributes to an efficient and reliable attachment.

Gekleurde popnagels en schroeven voor bedrijfspand CNSTRCT

Pros and Cons of Mechanical Visible Fastening

The screwing/blind riveting of a ventilated facade has both advantages and disadvantages. Advantages include a robust and direct attachment, ensuring stability and durability. Screws offer flexibility in installation and easy adjustments. However, visible screw heads may be aesthetically less desirable.

When securing through the facade cladding, it is important to carefully follow the processing guidelines of the facade panel manufacturer to avoid potential issues later on.

Clamps are a method where the facade cladding can be quickly mounted. However, the geometry and properties of the facade cladding determine whether this method is suitable.

The best-selling fasteners for the ventilated facade.

Custom-colored screws

IPEX specializes in coloring screws, seamlessly blending the visible screw heads with the panels to be attached. By paying attention to color harmony, aesthetically pleasing results are achieved. This color coordination contributes to a clean and uniform appearance of the ventilated facade. IPEX's craftsmanship in coloring screws goes beyond functionality; it creates a visually cohesive overall look where the fasteners seamlessly integrate with the facade panels, optimizing the aesthetic aspect of the project.

Schroef voor gevelbekleding in dezelfde kleur

Screw for facade cladding in the same color

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