Facade fixings

A ventilated facade is characterized by airflow between the cladding and insulation, allowing ventilation in the cavity. Two methods are typically used to install a ventilated facade, depending on the material and shape of the facade: chemical fixing and mechanical fixing. Within mechanical fixing, a further distinction is made between visible and invisible fixing. The final choice between these methods is often determined by factors such as design, desired aesthetics, sustainability, and technical considerations during the construction phase of the facade.

Chemical fixing
Attaching facade with the use of adhesive
Invisible fixing
The best method for fixing your ventilated facade
Visible fixing
Fastening facade with i.e. screws.

Custom-made fixings for the construction industry

One of the main advantages of proper facade anchoring is that it can significantly prolong the lifespan of the facade. By using high-quality anchoring materials and a well-designed anchoring system, the facade may be able to withstand and distribute the influences and forces of wind and rain, preventing damage and limiting maintenance and repair costs, while maintaining a sleek appearance.

Additionally, proper facade anchoring can also contribute to better insulation and energy efficiency of the building. The airflow between the facade and the insulation can help prevent moisture problems.

Custom-made facade fixings for industrial buildings
IPEX is your partner in standard and custom-made facade fixings for industrial buildings. We understand better than anyone that good facade fixings are essential for the quality and long life of a facade. That is why we offer solutions, such as self-drilling screws, seals, glues and anchors, that perfectly suit the requirements of your specific construction project.

Other suppliers only offer standard colors and don't customize. We specialize in custom-made solutions. We think with you about the best way to deliver a product that allows you to achieve the most beautiful end result. And that allows you to work as fast as possible on the construction site. We have a large stock, and we will quickly find the right solution if more products are needed.

Gevel bevestiging

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