Invisible Fastening of Sandwich Panels

03 April 2024

In the invisible fastening of sandwich panels, pressure plates are used to ensure a better distribution of wind forces. This technique prevents long-term deformations around the fastening points, which is crucial for specialists in roof and façade construction.

Why Choose Invisible Fastening of Sandwich Panels?

Traditional fastening methods can lead to visible mounting points and aesthetic disadvantages for your building. With invisible fastening, your façade maintains a clean and seamless appearance without compromising on stability and durability.

Advantages of Pressure Plates:
  1. Better Distribution of Wind Forces: Pressure plates ensure even distribution of pressure, allowing your sandwich panels to withstand strong wind loads.

  2. Prevents Deformations: Proper placement of pressure plates minimizes deformations around fastening points, preserving the structural integrity of your façade.

  3. Aesthetically Unobtrusive: Our pressure plates can be colored in any desired color, perfectly matching your façade cladding and making the installation practically invisible.

Custom Powder Coating for Discreet Installation

By powder coating the pressure distribution plates in any desired color, we can ensure that they seamlessly blend into the aesthetics of your building. Whether it's for subtle camouflage against the background or for a striking accent, the possibilities of colored pressure distribution plates are endless. Additionally, the powder coating process also provides a durable finish that is even more resistant to corrosion and weather conditions. We can powder coat your pressure distribution plate in any desired color.

We offer high-quality pressure plates and systems for the invisible fastening of sandwich panels. Our products are meticulously designed and meet the strictest quality and reliability standards.

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