Coloured screws, nails and fasteners in any RAL colour

14 February 2023
Gekleurde schroeven dankzij poedercoating

Screws are necessary evils. You cannot fasten a panel or profile without screws. It looks awful when you do not have the right coloured screws and when the colour of the fasteners is different from the colour of the panel or profile.

Once you have taken on a job as a contractor, you are responsible for the quality of construction, performing all work on schedule, within the budget, and, of course, you will be judged on the end result.

Part of the final result that is judged is the finish. Your client will check the construction after completion and look at the way the project was finished.

Coloured screws or blind rivets for a great end result

Coloured screws, nails, profiles or other fasteners will help you put down a great end result. A result that will make your customer smile.

No hassle, no dotting the i's, no wrangling over repairs, just a satisfied customer, and you have made a nice amount of money.

Not just a coloured head

Many suppliers sell screws on which you can put coloured heads. These heads are often already powder coated in a predetermined colour.

This means that the variety is limited. There are thousands of colours, but only a certain number of colours are available and in stock. Only standard sizes are immediately available, but often in small quantities.

How do we colour screws?

IPEX has developed a system combining experience and a unique product offering. In this system, it is possible to powder-coat any fastening system in any colour. Together with our international network of panel and profile products, we have built up a database containing a great many possible colours.

Powder coating is a process in which powder colour pigments are applied to metal surfaces, such as screws, through electrostatic techniques. Here are the steps that are being followed:

1.      Preparation: The screws are thoroughly cleaned and degreased to ensure that the surface is free of dust, grease or other contaminants.

2.      Application of the powder: The screws are placed in a special device, where electrostatic charges are applied. This attracts and applies the powder colour pigments to the screws.

3.      Oven drying: The screws are then placed in an oven, where the powder is heated until it adheres to the metal surface. This process is known as curing.

4.      Inspection: After drying, the screws are checked for the number of coats of powder, finish and colour.

5.      Finish: If the screws meet the quality requirements, they are packed and shipped to the customer.

Powder coating is a popular option for colouring metal parts. It is a sustainable, environmentally friendly and cost-effective technique. It provides a strong, protective layer that resists rust, corrosion and other damage.

Thousands of colours in stock

We have thousands of colours in stock. We can use original RAL colours as well as a mix to create a unique colour.

This colour mix is put into our own powder coating machine at our plant in Enter. The screws are placed in the machine and are immediately coloured.

We can powdercoat the following fastening systems:

  • Drill screws

  • Wood screws

  • Concrete screws

  • Self-tapping screws

  • Blind rivets or rivets

  • Profiles

  • Fixing materials for third parties by arrangement

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360.000 coloured screws per hour

Our plant has the capacity to powder coat 360,000 fixing systems per hour. This is unique in the Netherlands and it means that we can serve you quickly.

We have many screws in stock. Other screws are ordered and received within a few days, after which we can start our powder coating process.

Composing Screws

If required, we can make combinations of different parts belonging to a screw. We have a machine that will add the washers to screws, which saves you one less operation on the construction site.

It means that you can work faster and be more efficient. You will see in your profit account. The coloured screws make for a beautiful end result

IPEX Group specialist in fixing systems

IPEX has been a supplier of custom roof and façade fixings for 25 years. We help you deliver a great building for your client. After you place an order, our own factory will make your products. We can deliver quickly in all kinds of compositions or in thousands of colours. Our internal sales team will be happy to help you to order the right products. We will take care of your products so that you can focus on your construction work.

Any questions about colouring screws, blind rivets, pop rivets or rivets? Please feel free to contact us at by filling in the contact form.