Lead replacement for stepped flashing

12 April 2023

Stepped flashing has been used for ages to make a watertight connection between tiled roofs and, for instance, a chimney or vertical masonry. However, there are some drawbacks to using lead in construction, e.g. roll lengths are limited, lead is heavy and prone to theft. Moreover, lead is only available in one colour, which does not always offer the most attractive solution.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to lead step flashing: I-Form® from IPEX. This product has several advantages over traditional lead step flashing. I-Form® is extremely flexible and lightweight, so installation is quick and easy. The material is non-toxic and available with or without adhesive strips. I-Form® can be installed in lengths of 10 meters and can be screwed.

Perhaps the most important advantage of I-Form® is its lifespan of over 25 years. This is because the product consists of three layers: a special EPDM rubber top layer, a core layer of special aluminium expanded metal and a bottom layer of a special EPDM rubber with specific properties and provided with a protective foil. This composition provides good protection against aging, ozone and UV radiation.

I-Form® is a multifunctional, flexible sealing tape specially designed for weatherproofing roofs and walls. Because of the special mix of materials, I-Form® is very flexible, and can adapt to the shape of the surface, after which it retains its shape. This makes it an excellent replacement for lead step flashing on roofs and facades.

I-Form® from IPEX offers an excellent alternative to lead step flashing in construction. It is flexible, lightweight, quick and easy to install, available with or without adhesive strips and has a long lifespan. That makes I-Form® a durable and reliable choice for waterproofing roof and facade connections.