Colorful Trespa Screws

17 April 2024
Gekleurde popnagels en schroeven voor bedrijfspand CNSTRCT

At IPEX, we excel in powder coating Trespa screws, specializing in high-quality fastening materials for roofing and facade construction.

What makes our Trespa screws stand out?

We believe that even the smallest detail can make a big difference in facade design. That's why we offer a wide range of colors, tailored to your individual preferences. Thanks to our advanced powder coating process, we can realize any desired color, giving you the freedom to unleash your creativity.

Discover our Trespa colors

Our most requested Trespa colors include white, gray, 7016, brown, green, 9001, and 9010. But the possibilities are endless - we can deliver any color you desire, even if it's not yet listed in our extensive database.

Having been coloring screws for Trespa panels for over 25 years, we've built an extensive database with a wide variety of possible colors. And if we don't have the color, we'll develop it for you. The advantage of our database is that we can have your screws ready within 2 working days.

Quality through collaboration

At IPEX, we believe in collaboration and inclusion. We collaborate with individuals from the Ontplooj workshop to coat our screws, resulting not only in high-quality products, but also promoting social impact and community development.

Our Most sold Trespa screws

Do you need colourfull screws?

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