Cladding fixings

Fixing cladding is a crucial step in any construction project. The last thing you want is the cladding to be unstable or unsafe. We understand that finding the right fixtures can be a challenge. That is s why we are here to support you with our custom-made facade fixing solutions.

Fixing Trespa
Trespa platen zijn een populaire keuze voor gevelbekleding vanwege hun duurzaamheid en weerbestendigheid.
Fixing Plates
Als je platen op een gevel wilt bevestigen, zijn er verschillende manieren om dat te doen.

Custom-made facade fixings for industrial buildings

IPEX is your partner in standard and custom-made facade fixings for industrial buildings. We understand that good facade fixings are essential for the quality and long life of a facade. That is why we offer solutions, such as self-drilling screws, seals, glues and anchors, that perfectly suit the requirements of your specific construction project.

Other suppliers only offer standard colours and don't customise. We specialise in custom-made solutions. We think with you about the best way to deliver a product that allows you to achieve the most beautiful end result. and that allows you to work as fast as possible on the construction site. We have a large stock and we will quickly find the right solution if more products are needed.

Bevestiging sandwichpanelen met gekleurde popnagels

Your customized fixing solution within 3 minutes

Together with one of our experts, discover the fastening solution that fits your needs within three minutes.