Industrial buildings

IPEX is your partner in custom-made roof and facade fixings for industrial buildings. We understand better than anyone that, as a construction company, you want to ensure the highest quality and durability. IPEX supplies standard fasteners and seals such as profiles, screws, glue, anchors and EPDM profiles for every project. In addition to our standard solutions, we customize constructions when needed and produce private labels for wholesalers.

Cladding fixings
Our custom solutions are the basis for fixing any siding.
Sub-frame structures ensure the proper attachment of siding panels and a great end result.
Facade fixtures
Fixing siding is a crucial step in any construction project.

Custom-made fixings for industrial buildings

Our products are designed to meet all requirements that apply to industrial buildings and are suitable for all types of roof and facade panels. Whether you are working in large or small projects, we offer the right fixtures and fittings for your roof and facade panels. From steel to aluminium and from sandwich panels to flat sheets, our customised solutions will perfectly suit your construction projects.

While other suppliers only offer standard colours and don't customise, we specialise in custom-made solutions. For example, we are happy to think with you about the best way to deliver a product that allows you to achieve the most beautiful end result and that will allow you to work as fast as possible on the construction site. We have a large stock and we will quickly find the right solution if more products are needed.

Gevelconstructie met panelen

Strong in standard work

With our 25+ years of experience and expertise, we will give you the right advice and assist you in choosing the right fixings for your project. Our products and services contribute to the quality, safety and final appearance of your project.

We are not only experts in customised work, we are also your best partner for standard work. Our experts are happy to tell you more.

How can we help you with custom-made roof and facade fixings for industrial buildings?

Step 1 - Contact our sales team

Explain the situation, tell us how quickly you want the delivery and give us the specifications of the facade.

Step 2 - We start making calculations free of charge.
Our experts get to work on your requirements and will send you the delivery time and prices by e-mail within a few hours.

Step 3- You receive a tailor-made proposal for your roof or facade fixings

After your confirmation, we get to work in our own factory to produce the products according to your specifications .You will receive your delivery in the desired colour, punching, quantity, packaging and composition.

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Your customized fixing solution within 3 minutes

Together with one of our experts, discover the fastening solution that fits your needs within three minutes.