i-Seal pipe boots

EPDM pipe flashings (also called pipe boots or roof boots) are used to create a waterproof seal between the roof deck and protruding pipework (such as air vents and exhaust pipes). EPDM pipe boots can be used on sloping roofs, flat roofs and profiled roofs (such as corrugated sheet roofs).

EPDM pipe boots

Good pipe flashing is essential in the manufacturing of modular wooden constructions for houses. The roof is key to the structural integrity and weatherproofing of a building. IPEX pipe boots ensure water flowing from the roof and good ventilation of the roof. Conventionally used lead products have downsides such as rusting and cracking, which in the end will cause leaks. EPDM pipe boots however do not present this inconvenient, which is one of the reasons why EPDM flashing is the better alternative of lead.

IPEX pipe boots come in a variety of options:

  • Pipe flashing for the sealing of penetrations in new constructions.

  • Retrofit pipe flashing with "zipper".

  • Pipe flashings with a round or square base.

  • All pipe flashings come with a mounting kit (including screws and mounting instructions).

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i-Seal pipe flashings are easy to apply and cut to size

i-Seal pipe flashings are EPDM sleeves that can be cut to size and can be pulled over protruding vents and ducts. The base of i-Seal pipe flashings can be screwed onto the roof deck. This combination provides a watertight and durable solution. Especially suited for metal roofs and pitched roofs with tiles and shingles. Flexible pipe flashing entirely made of EPDM with i-Form® base plate and peel and stick film at the bottom. Suitable for roofs with ceramic tiles and a wide range of roof pitches.


IPEX, your reliable partner

EPDM pipe flashings are part of a much wider range of products offered by IPEX. IPEX manufactures and supplies sub-frame systems, fixtures and fittings and sealing materials for roofs and facades to companies and wholesalers only. Our EPDM pipe flashings are sold under private label and are used in prefabricated elements for roofs and facades.

Please feel free to contact us for more information or for a quotation tailored to your needs. We are happy to help you find the right solution for your construction project.

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