Stepped EPDM flashing

Replace your lead step flashing with i-Form EPDM step flashing. Step flashing is used at points where a tiled roof meets a wall, protruding vents or a chimney. At one end, the flashing is build horizontally in the masonry; the other end of the flashing is folded under the tiles with a hammer. As lead has a number of downsides, there is a trend to replace lead by more sustainable and cheaper alternatives. One of these alternatives is i-Form. i-Form is a good alternative to lead for various reasons.

i-Form EPDM rubber

Why is i-Form a good alternative to lead step flashing?

i-Form is a good lead replacement for weatherproofing abutting junctions, such as a tiled roof abutting a brickwork wall or a roof penetration such as a chimney. i-Form has three layers: a top and bottom layer of EPDM rubber and a core of expanded aluminium mesh, making the product exceptionally well suited for step flashing.

EPDM has a number of advantages over lead as a material for step flashing. i-Form is easy to mould, retains its shape and can be screwed through.

In addition, i-Form is:

  • Non-toxic;

  • Lightweight;

  • Not prone to theft like traditional lead products because it has no scrap value;

  • Very flexible;

  • Eco-friendly

  • Long-lasting;

  • Does not leave streaks on roofs and walls.

  • Available in three colours: black, grey and red.

i-Form is supplied on rolls of 10 meters in various widths. It comes with 1 or 2 butyl adhesive strips, or with a full adhesive back. i-Form can be customised in many ways, think of different lengths, widths and finishes. i-Form is produced by the IPEX Group in the Netherlands.

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IPEX, your reliable partner

i-Form, made of EDPM, is an excellent alternative to traditional lead flashing and offers many advantages. EPDM is flexible, waterproof, environmentally friendly and has a longer life than lead. By using i-Form as flashing material, construction companies can build a safe, efficient and sustainable structure.

IPEX offers a wide range of i-Form products that meet the highest quality standards. Please feel free to contact us for more information or for a quotation tailored to your needs. We are happy to help you find the right solution for your construction project.

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