I-Form, the alternative to lead flashing

Lead is the material traditionally used to weatherproof roofs and walls. While lead is durable and has been the preferred waterproofing material for hundreds of years, there are some downsides to it. For example, lead is heavy and it corrodes relatively quickly. That is why IPEX has introduced an alternative to lead: i-Form.

Alternative to lead flashing

Lead flashing, or sheet lead, has been used in construction for centuries. It is applied to prevent water entering into a structure from a joint such as wall-window joints and roof penetrations.

Lead flashing is mainly used on the outside of a building.  With the ongoing development of materials, better alternatives are now available. New materials with a longer lifespan and sometimes considerably cheaper than lead. I-Form is a high-quality lead alternative based on EPDM rubber.

Our lead alternative i-Form is a durable, flexible and environmentally friendly material that lasts for decades and is easy to apply. On top of that, by choosing i-Form, you contribute to a greener building industry and a lower impact on the environment.

I-Form, the better alternative to lead flashing

I-Form is an excellent alternative to lead flashing. It has all the advantages of EPDM. It is a lightweight material supplied in rolls, so that you can install many meters in no time. This will save you considerably on labour costs.

I-Form is made of EPDM strips reinforced with expanded metal mesh. The expanded metal makes it possible to punch or bend the strips into almost any shape. You can fix our flashing tape to almost any substrate. It has an exceptionally long lifespan and is very environmentally friendly. In addition, it remains flexible and is water and windproof.

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I-Form for Roof Windows

EPDM lead flashings are indispensable in the installation of roof windows. These flexible, durable rubber seals provide a wind- and waterproof protection for your interior against the whims of Mother Nature. Their weather-resistant properties and UV resistance ensure a long-lasting and reliable seal without compromising quality.

The seamless integration of EPDM lead flashings around roof windows not only guarantees functionality but also contributes to an aesthetically appealing finish. These versatile lead flashings effortlessly adapt to the contours of the skylight, eliminating any chance of leaks.

With our in-house production, we can create three colours with any desired finish on the back, making the installation a simple task. In summary, investing in EPDM lead flashings means not only ensuring protection, but also achieving a stylish and sustainable finish for your roof window.

EPDM for dormer windows

EPDM lead flashings are the invisible heroes in the finishing of dormer windows. Their durable rubber nature makes them weather-resistant and UV-resistant, providing long-lasting protection against leaks.

Thanks to their flexibility, they effortlessly adapt to any shape, enhancing not only functionality but also the aesthetic aspect. In short, i-form is the silent force behind a perfectly finished and wind- and waterproof dormer window.

I-Form as an essential component in the facade.

EPDM lead flashings are the most durable and reliable components to shield your building from the impacts of our climate. Their rubbery nature makes them highly suitable for a wind- and waterproof barrier, rendering leaks and weather-related damages a thing of the past.

These lead flashings excel in durability and flexibility, effortlessly conforming to the contours of the facade. This not only ensures a seamless seal but also provides effective protection against the elements. Whether it's raining, windy, or stormy, with EPDM lead flashings, you're assured of a secure and watertight connection, resulting in a comfortable and protected home, regardless of weather conditions.

Since we manufacture them ourselves, you have the option to choose the finishing that best suits your project.

Chimney connection with I-form.

EPDM lead flashings form the indispensable barrier at the connection of a chimney, where wind and water often attempt to find their way. These flexible, rubber protectors provide a robust barrier against the elements, leaving no chance for leaks.

The durable nature and weather resistance make EPDM lead flashings ideal for creating a wind- and waterproof seal in this vulnerable spot. Their adaptability to the shape of the chimney allows for seamless integration, where functionality and aesthetics go hand in hand. Investing in EPDM lead flashings means not only safeguarding the chimney but also providing peace of mind to your customer, knowing that you can deliver your project flawlessly and well-protected against the forces of Mother Nature for the centuries to come.

IPEX, your reliable partner

i-Form, made of EDPM, is an excellent alternative to traditional lead flashing and offers many advantages. The material is flexible, waterproof, environmentally friendly and has a longer life than lead. By using i-Form as flashing material, construction companies can build a safe, efficient and sustainable structure.

IPEX offers a wide range of i-Form products that meet the highest quality standards. Please feel free to contact us for more information or for a quotation tailored to your needs. We are happy to help you find the right solution for your construction project.

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