Through wall flashing - lintel flashing

i-Form, developed by IPEX, is an excellent alternative to lead flashing traditionally used to waterproof roof to wall junctions. Instead of lead we use EPDM rubber, which is waterproof, environmentally friendly and very malleable. In this article we tell you about the benefits of i-Form lintel flashing and EPDM strips for through-wall flashing.

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What is lintel flashing?

Lintel flashings are special sealing strips used to seal junctions of masonry and lintels. i-Form lintel flashings combined with EPDM strips are an excellent flexible sealant.

How it works

To make a lintel watertight, the i-Form or the EPDM strip is first glued to the lintel. The lintel flashing is then placed over the EPDM strip, creating a flexible sealant. This method prevents water from entering the facade and allows the lintel to move without damaging the seal.

What is through-wall flashing?

The purpose of through-wall flashing is to seal the cavity between two walls. i-Form EPDM strips and lintel flashings are used to create a flexible and watertight seal. Sealing the cavity prevents moisture and wind from penetrating the house. In addition, cavity sealing improves the isolation of the facade, which saves energy.

Why choose i-Form lintel flashings and EPDM strips?

i-Form offers a number of advantages over traditional lead and other flashing materials. i-Form EPDM is flexible and highly adaptable to irregular shapes and substrates. It is more durable than lead and has a longer life. Lintel flashing used in combination with EPDM strips creates a watertight, flexible seal that can accommodate lintel movement without being damaged.

With i-Form EPDM strips for lintel flashings, IPEX offers an alternative to traditional lead flashing and other sealing materials. This flexible sealant makes the transition between masonry and lintel watertight and prevents moisture and wind from penetrating into the building. In addition, cavity sealing improves the isolation of the facade, which saves energy. i-Form offers a durable, flexible and watertight flashing solution.

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IPEX, your reliable partner

i-Form, made of EDPM, is an excellent alternative to traditional lead flashing and offers many advantages. EPDM is flexible, waterproof, environmentally friendly and has a longer life than lead. By using i-Form as flashing material, construction companies can build a safe, efficient and sustainable structure.

IPEX offers a wide range of i-Form products that meet the highest quality standards. Please feel free to contact us for more information or for a quotation tailored to your needs. We are happy to help you find the right solution for your construction project.

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