EPDM Joint Tape

EPDM joint tapes are an essential component of high-quality construction projects, particularly in the installation of HPL, fiber cement, and mineral fiber boards. These tapes are listed in the processing instructions for these boards and provide protection for a wooden substructure. They also shield the cladding from marking caused by the wooden structure and create a black joint.

Applications of EPDM Joint Tape

In addition to gutters, EPDM joint tapes are also ideal for making roofs, facades, seams, joints, and connections wind and water tight. They are often used as seals in the installation of skylights, dormers, and between facade panels and the rear construction.

Why Choose EPDM Joint Tape:

Our customers often choose EPDM joint tapes for various reasons, including:

  • Prevention of wood rot

  • Leveling out irregularities of the wooden framework

  • Reduction of vibrations

  • Protection of facade panels against acids from wood

  • Waterproofing

  • Interruption of contact surfaces

  • Prevention of stains on the facade panel due to moisture withdrawal from the wooden framework

Self-Adhesive and Non-Self-Adhesive Options:

We offer a wide range of EPDM joint tapes that can be supplied both self-adhesive and without adhesive coating. This allows you to choose the right option that best suits your specific requirements and preferences.

Our most sold:

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