EPDM joint tape

EPDM is an innovative and environmentally friendly lead alternative. EPDM joint tape is used as a watertight flashing between cladding and sub-frame system. EPDM joint tape is also used for sealing joints between Rockpanel, Trespa and other types of cladding, such as HPL fibre cement panels or aluminium composite panels.

EPDM Strips
Met behulp van EPDM stroken kun je je gevel goed wind- en waterdicht maken. EPDM stroken zijn gemaakt van een samenstelling van synthetische rubbers.
Self-adhesive EPDM
Self-adhesive EPDM is quick and easy to apply
Lintel flashing
Lateislabbes en EPDM worden gebruikt als flexibele afdichting en spouwafdichting.

Flexible sealing with EPDM joint tape

One of the benefits of EPDM tape is its mouldability. It is easily moulded and highly adaptable to irregular shapes and substrates. This makes it ideal for sealing junctions of different materials. EPDM is also very elastic. It creates a durable seal as it moves with the building and allows for expansion and contraction with changes in temperature.

Made to measure

EPDM joint tape can be made to measure, so it can be used for almost any junction. This property makes EPDM especially interesting for prefabricated structures, where connections often have to be determined and manufactured in advance. As EPDM joint tape can be made to measure, it is possible to make very precise connections, resulting in a high-quality and durable structure.

In short: the EPDM joint tape offered by IPEX is a flexible sealant, made to measure, particularly suited to seal junctions on roofs and walls. It is an innovative alternative to traditional lead flashing and it is durable, environmentally friendly and easy to apply.

i-Form EPDM rubber

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