i-Form is IPEX's own alternative to building lead, which is used as a water barrier in the connections of roofs and facades. These water barriers used to be made of lead. We offer i-Form instead, a rubber-based EPDM. EPDM is a waterproof, flexible and environmentally friendly rubber that is easy to process and has a longer lifespan than lead. Reasons enough to use i-Form in stead of lead!

Flexible sealing
i-Form is our lead substitute, because we produce our own we also supply custom and private labels.
Flexible roof penetration
I-Seal are our EPDM roof penetrations.
EPDM for finishing roof and facade, possibly custom-made with us.

The benefits of i-Form as a lead substitute

i-Form is made for wind and watertight finishing of roofs, facades, dormer windows and chimneys. Thanks to the special EPDM composition, the material is flexible, so very easy to apply.

The biggest advantages of EPDM over lead are:

  • Vibration reduction

  • Smoothens out irregularities in the wooden framework

  • Contact interruption

  • Prevention of wood rot

  • Water barrier

  • Protects the cladding against acids from the wood

1 contact point for fixings and sealants

IPEX has 25 years of experience in the supply of custom roof and facade fixtures .I-Form is our own product and helps you to build a beautiful building for your client.

We can deliver quickly in all kinds of combinations or in thousands of colours, thanks to our own factory. Our sales team is happy to help you order the right products. We make sure that you can focus on building.

How do we help you with i-Form to build a custom-made facade system?

Step 1 - Call or email our sales team
Explain the situation, tell us how quickly you want the delivery and give us the specifications of the sealant.

Step 2 - We start making calculations
Our experts get to work on your requirements and will send you the delivery time and prices by e-mail within a few hours.

Step 3- You receive the custom-made i-Form
After your confirmation, we get to work in our own factory to make the products according to your specifications .You will receive your delivery in the desired colour, punching, quantity, packaging and composition.

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Your customized fixing solution within 3 minutes

Together with one of our experts, discover the fastening solution that fits your needs within three minutes.