Invisible Fixing method

Invisible fixings for cladding are more popular than ever. This method, where the screws and clamps are invisible, gives the facade a sleek, contemporary look. How does this method work?

Invisible fixing methods i-facade

i-facade offers various invisible fixing systems for fixing facade panels and cassettes, and even ceramic tiles. These systems use an glue system, blind rivets, clamps, screws or panel hooks. The advantage of these systems is that there are no visible screws and clamps, which gives the facade a sleek look. These systems are very sturdy and long-lasting.

The right invisible fixing method for fixing an open facade is made on the basis of the material of the cladding and the sub-frame construction. Based on this information it is possible to select the right method and material to achieve the most sturdy and safe attachment.

The use of invisible fixings gives the facade a sleek, contemporary look. i-facade offers various invisible fixing systems for facade panels, cassettes and ceramic tiles. These systems guarantee a durable and sturdy attachment of your facade.

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Each project is one in its kind, so it may be necessary to make custom fixings for the facade cladding. At IPEX, we have decades of experience in designing and supplying customised fixing methods for HPL facade cladding. Our engineers are happy to assist you in finding the best solution for your project.

With the correct fixings, HPL facade cladding can last for decades and give the facade a beautiful appearance. It is therefore important to choose a fastening method that suits your specific situation and to ask expert advice in case of doubt.

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Together with one of our experts, discover the fastening solution that fits your needs within three minutes.

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