I-Facade fastening screws

As the manufacturer of i-facade®, we have a range of B-parts from which to choose to fix a sub-frame construction for cladding. Which B-parts we choose depends on the type of facade. Our team will be happy to discuss and to calculate with you which products would be best choice to achieve a robust, safe and beautiful end result.

I-Facade b parts

Our i-facade® portfolio consists of various b-parts, such as self-drilling screws. Think of drillmate screws and truss head screws. We also offer various tile clamps, EPDM, joint profile, support profile, clamps, contact interrupters, panel hooks, start profiles, mounting accessories, joint clamps, mounting screws, brackets, panel supports, T-profiles, L-profiles, Z-profiles, Omega profiles, pressure rubber, spacers for screws and other special tools that are necessary to mount the i-facade sub-frame construction.


IPEX, your reliable partner

Each project is one in its kind, so it may be necessary to make custom fixings for the facade cladding. At IPEX, we have decades of experience in designing and supplying customised fixing methods for HPL facade cladding. Our engineers are happy to assist you in finding the best solution for your project.

With the correct fixings, HPL facade cladding can last for decades and give the facade a beautiful appearance. It is therefore important to choose a fastening method that suits your specific situation and to ask expert advice in case of doubt.

Your customized fixing solution within 3 minutes

Together with one of our experts, discover the fastening solution that fits your needs within three minutes.

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