Facade construction principles

As the manufacturer of i-facade®, we offer various construction principles from which to choose for the attachment of a sub-frame construction for cladding. It depends on the type of facade which construction principle fits best. Our team will be happy to discuss and to calculate with you which products would be best choice to achieve a robust, safe and beautiful end result.


Various i-facade construction principles

Our i-facade® product range consists of various construction principles, such as:

  • Double-walled supports that ensure high rigidity

  • Wall supports and extension plates

  • Especially for sandwich panels

  • Composite wall supports

  • Stainless steel anchor rod and props

  • U-shaped wall supports with wooden posts

  • U-shaped wall supports with anchor rods

  • Stainless steel anchor rods, dowels and prop

  • Construction principle with coupled profiles for spanning floors

  • Mounting vertically oriented cladding

Gevel bevestiging

Your customized fixing solution within 3 minutes

Together with one of our experts, discover the fastening solution that fits your needs within three minutes.