Proud of our projects: FED building at HAN in Nijmegen

At IPEX Group, we've had the privilege of realizing a special project using innovative solutions.

  • Façade: 3000 m², C037 on HSB wall with fastening system B004. Specially designed textile concrete of 20 mm with colored glass beads, a true eye-catcher!

  • Ceiling: 600 m² C033 with B014 system, including ceiling return and reveals.

Architects LIAG from The Hague expertly developed the design, and our engineering ensured a flawless execution. Both the façade and the ceiling were fully pre-engineered, with a perfectly aligned structure onto which the cladding was effortlessly attached using the B004 system.

Special challenge? For the ceiling construction, the anchoring in the concrete ceiling could not exceed 30 mm in depth. The B014 system provided the perfect solution, allowing the ceiling panels to be efficiently installed, even from different directions and with limited space around existing pillars.

Used Systems