I-FACADE construction façade De Modelwijk in Jelte Brussels

Achterconstructie I-Facade voor De Modelwijk in Brussel

New cladding for the Model Neighbourhood in Brussels. In 2005, a large-scale renovation plan spread over 12 years was adopted. The renovation plan got off to a slow start, but the work is now in full swing. The tender for the construction of 4 residential towers was granted to Alumetal AG. Alumetal AG commissioned IPEX Group to deliver the fixings and to make the calculations for the sub-frame structure of the facade. IPEX was selected for their knowledge on how to create a robust facade construction and how to anodise the profiles in 'black'.

In the late 1960s, the quarter De Lakense Modelwijk was built in Brussels. It was the work of architect Renaat Braem referring to the 1931 philosophy of Le Corbusier. Large buildings on stilts that provided good sunlight and kept the ground clear for lots of greenery. Pedestrian and vehicular traffic was separated and a good number of community facilities were built, including a cultural centre, a library, a supermarket, sports and playgrounds and lots of greenery. The district was built opposite the Atomium.

Unfortunately, savings were made to those common parts as well as the surrounding areas. Soon there were problems due to the use of poor materials. The plan to build a row of single-family homes in a zigzag pattern along Romansteenweg was replaced by four blocks of 8-floor buildings that had no connection to Renaat Braem's original architecture. The last blocks built were the first in need of refurbishment.

In 2005, a renovation plan was adopted that would be spread out over 12 years. This plan got off to a slow start, but renovations are now underway. The tender for the delivery of 4 residential towers was won by Alumetal AG. They came to IPEX Group for the calculations and the solution for the rear structure of the façade. The deciding factor in awarding this contract to IPEX was the solid façade construction combined with the option for the profiles to be anodized black.

IPEX offered an i-FACADE construction principle with coated rivets for Cembrit cladding panels with stainless steel anchor rods, plugs and brace. The Cembrit panels had grains of a specific size, so the whole construction would look great. The features of IPEX's construction principle were push-through assembly, minimal thermal bridge, and the construction was combined with Z-profiles and Omega profiles.

During construction, IPEX specialists supported the workers from contractor Democo and the company Van der Straeten, who physically shaped the project on behalf of Alumetal AG. During weekly visits at the construction site explanations amd detailing were given on how to install the rear structure. The result was that the cladding panels were assembled perfectly and the finish on the building was marvellous.