A successful project, O|2 Labgebouw, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

We take pride in our contribution to the impressive O|2 Laboratory Building at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, where, as IPEX Group, we collaborated to achieve an exceptional outcome.

For the façade cladding, we carefully selected the high-quality 8mm Abet HPL façade panel, supported by our advanced IPEX C037 system seamlessly mounted on HSB walls. Our choice of IPEX as a partner was based on our ability to provide a comprehensive package, encompassing not only a thorough static calculation but also the development of a tailor-made backing structure.

One notable aspect of our collaboration was the supply of an extensive range of accessories. Our powder-coated joint profiles 0227, with custom hole patterns, not only ensure precision in façade construction but also offer aesthetic versatility. The custom-cut Aluminum L-profile for façade construction, a high-quality and adaptable solution, reflects our commitment to craftsmanship and flexibility in design.

Another highlight is the use of our powder-coated blind rivets 0106. These rivets not only provide structural support but also add a refined finish to the façade. Their corrosion resistance and availability in various colors make them ideal for diverse applications in roof and façade construction.

Our tailor-made design vertical expansion profiles added a unique and appealing visual element to the project, seamlessly aligning with the architectural design.

The skilled execution of the project by Jongeneel Projecten ensured a striking and successful realization of the O|2 Laboratory Building. We express gratitude to our partners and eagerly anticipate further collaborations where we can continue to offer our expertise, dedication to quality, and comprehensive packages.