Roof and wall screws for construction of Gardheimar in Iceland

Dak en gevel schroeven voor bouw Gardheimar in IJsland

Iceland's largest garden centre is being constructed by Smiemans Projecten from Kwintsheul. The roof and wall screws come from IPEX. We are very proud that we can contribute in this way to this beautiful garden centre with a surface area of 7,250 m2 in Reykjavik.

In the summer of 2022, Smiemans Projecten started the construction of this climate-proof, sustainable garden centre. On the 20,000 m2 site, a structure is being built with a surface area of 7,250 m2. It consists of an asymmetrical wide-span structure with an intermediate floor, as well as a 1,100 m2 warehouse.

The building is 90 metres wide and will contain a central hall that is 25 metres wide. This central hall is 12 metres high and will include an intermediate floor. This intermediate floor will be used for offices, a canteen and other rooms for Gardheimar personnel. The garden centre itself will have a restaurant and a large number of shop-in-shops. The warehouse will have a green roof and will also include a sales point for Stihl.

The continuous canopies give the front of the garden centre a special flair. The large display windows at the front connect the outside to the inside. The wooden blinds, which are constructed as natural sun blinds, and the green roof lend the building a biophilic appearance. This design was created by the international architectural firm PK Arkitektar.

The roof structure is made up of specially formed roof gutters that connect to the 200 mm sandwich panels. This increases the load-bearing capacity and decreases condensation. The extra wide gutters are high-capacity to prevent nuisance due to rain or snow. This results in a safe building that is suitable for the unpredictable climate in Iceland. It also makes energy savings of 40% possible.

Immediately from the start of construction, IPEX was involved in the supply of custom wall fasteners:

  • Hexagonal self-tapping screws with sealing washers

  • Chipboard screws

  • Coloured blind rivets

  • Hexagonal self-tapping screw

IPEX Group specialist in mounting systems

IPEX has been supplying custom screws for wall cladding for 25 years and helps you to deliver a beautiful building for your client. After placing an order, we can quickly deliver all kinds of configurations and thousands of colours thanks to our own production facility. Furthermore, our sales department will be happy to help you order the right products, so we make sure that you can concentrate on your construction work.