Powder coated siding screws for Zaanstad City Hall

The city hall of Zaanstad is a remarkable building. At first glance it seems to consist of several separate houses, each with its own character and architectural style. In reality, it is one modern office complex, with a unique appearance that fits the environment.

The facade parts are an important part of this appearance. No fewer than 12,000 m2 of facade sections have been installed, using IPEX siding screws. These screws are not only practical and durable, they also come in many colours: IPEX powder coated them in 16 different shades of green. In this way, the screws contribute to the colourful whole of the city hall.

Why are these screws so important? That is because of the way in which these houses are built. They stand of legs, so that the underlying bus station is easily accessible for the buses. The facade parts had to be mounted in a specific way, to ensure both firm attachment and enough flexibility to move with the vibrations of bus traffic. That is where IPEX siding screws came in: not only do they ensure solid joining, they are also designed to move with the facade parts. This way, the city hall is not only beautiful to look at, but also functional and safe.

The city hall of Zaanstad is a unique and colourful building, with a special architecture and practical solutions for the challenges of modern city life. The IPEX screws are a small but important part of this whole. We show how smart technology, no matter how small, can contribute to a beautiful end result.